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Associations / Institutions Special Sessions

ICCI 2017 – 23rd International Energy & Environment Fair & Conference

Institutions/Associations Special Sessions List:

  • MÜSİAD Special Session: Energy in the World and in Turkey
  • TÜSİAD Special Session: Energy Market From an Investor Perspective
  • Energy Law Research Institute Special Session: Roof Applications and Obstacles on Unlicensed Solar Power Plants
  • The Association of Turkish Electricity Industry (TESAB) Special Session: Pumped Storaged Hydroelectric Power Plants in Power Systems and New Technology Storage Systems
  • Energy Traders Association (ETD) Special Session:  Panel on Wholesale and Retail Sale of Electrical Energy
  • Ministry of Energy and Natural Resources (ETKB) General Directorate of Renewable Energy (YEGM) Special Session: Renewable Energy Resources Areas
  • Turkish Wind Energy Association (TÜREB) Special Session: Effects of 5,000 MW and Renewable Energy Resources on Turkish Wind Sector
  • Solar Energy Investors Association (GUYAD) Special Session: Solar Energy from the Investors' Perspective in Turkey and in the World
  • Turkey Cogeneration and Clean Energy Technologies Association (TÜRKOTED) Special Session: Cogeneration in High Efficiency Energy Production and Performed Sample Applications
  • Borsa İstanbul Inc. Special Session: Risk Management in Energy Market and Importance of Derivative Markets
  • Energy Industrialists & Businessmen Association (ENSIA) Special Session: Domestic Equipment Production in Renewable Energy Sector
  • Energy Market Regulatory Association (EMRA) Special Session: Current Developments and Applications in the Electricity Market
  • Energy Market Regulatory Association (Emra) Natural Gas Market Department Special Session: Turkey’s Natural Gas Market On Its Way To Be a Trading Center: New Regulations and Developments
  • Electricity Producers Association (EÜD) and Kadir Has University Energy and Sustainable Development and Research Center Special Session: The Future of Energy: Its Social, Economical, Political and Technical Dimensions
  • Architects and Engineers Association (MMG) Special Session: Domestic Energy Resources
  • Geothermal Electric Power Plants Investors Association (JESDER) Special Session: Geothermal Sector Overview
  • International Solar Energy Society - Section Turkey (GÜNDER) Special Session:
  • Turkish Solar Energy Industry Association (GENSED) Special Session: New Developments in Power Generation from Solar Energy
  • Boiler and Pressure Vessel Manufactures Association (KBSB) Special Session: Domestic Inputs and Domestic Technologies in Electricity Generation

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