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Servet BAHADIR / Zorlu Enerji
Director, Public Affairs

We have been participating in this fair for long years as Zorlu Enerji. We always prefer the same location. You may think of it as if this is our fixed location. The participation in the fairs is usually good; I believe that the sessions of this year will be more fruitful. There are many valuable participants from the public and private sectors; current issues and problems of the electricity market are discussed in the conferences, especially the parts with questions and answers are very good.
ICCI has been one of the largest organizations in the energy sector for long years. I believe that this is the most important fair and conference in the energy sector.

Tolunay YILDIZ / YED
Managing Director

We are participating in the ICCI Fair for the second time this year. We are generally pleased about the atmosphere. We believe that important representatives of the sector are present here. We see fairs as a networking activity rather than a place to catch new business opportunities and we had the chance to come together with people from many countries and from different sectors here. We especially had the chance to meet with investor companies from the Middle East, notably from Iran and from many other different countries in this fair. We are pleased to be present here and we plan to participate again next year. We believe that this fair is really contributing to the sector.

Founder President

As Synpet Technology we are very glad to be in ICCI. We are a local company and we have developed a technology of our own. We have introduced this technology for the first time in ICCI last year; it was the first fair we participated. We now have significant trade relations with the people we have met there following the synergetic effect of the fair. We have participated in the fair with the same motives this year. This is an international fair and we are very glad to be here. With the people we meet here, either the foreign suppliers or investors or local suppliers, we can build up a very large network. The relations we establish here bring us great advantages in the years to come.

Mustafa HAMZAOĞLU / İltekno
Project Coordinator

As İltekno we have been participating in ICCI fairs for long years. There was a big interest in the fair and the profiles of participants from the local market and also from abroad were highly qualified as usual. We have left behind a fair that was satisfactory and that met our expectations. We would like to participate again in ICCI fairs in the coming years.

Lin WEI / Harbin
Marketing Department Proposal Engineer

Every year we come here, we have a lot of customers and we have good communications with our partners. I think it’s very good of us to attend this fair.

Felice MELITI / B&W
Executive Vice-President & Chief Service Officer

This is a strategic opportunity for us in a strategic market. This opportunity is to be here is strategic because it allows us to enforce the contacts that we used to have, to develop opportunity, to do benchmarking and to gain insight. So, this is fundamental piece of our marketing strategy year by year and I can confirm that we are going to attend even in the future. I would say this is a consolidate partnership for us.

Kerem KAYNAR / ExxonMobil
Field Marketing Advisor

We are participating in ICCI actively for more than ten years. We have in our stands products that improve the efficiency and that offer our customers productivity solutions. In fact we are proud and happy about participating in ICCI each year, meeting important representatives of the sector and finding common solutions together with them. The energy sector is one of the driving sectors in Turkey; ICCI is an important fair with its various conferences since it brings together significant players of the sector. We thank the fair management for the opportunities offered by ICCI. We hope that the fair and the sector will continue to grow each year.

Bülent ALEV / Aydıntaş
Project Manager Assistance

As Aydıntaş, crane and heavy transport equipment company, we are participating in this fair for the first time and we are very glad about being in ICCI 2017. We have welcomed a great number of visitors and we are very satisfied with this.

Felix LOSADA / Nordex Acciona
Deputy Head of Corporate Communications

We have been exhibiting at ICCI for several years now and it’s the most important energy fair in Turkey. As Nordex Acciona Windpower we are market leader in the country so, Turkey is one of the most important countries we have in our portfolio that we address for wind power. So, that’s why we are exhibiting each year here and the quality of the visitors is very high. We meet here our customers to intensify projects, to discuss new projects and it makes sense to be here and as market leader we cannot miss this exhibition at all.
The conferences are of high quality, they also show different aspects to discuss different, new directions in policy of energy, in the technology so everything is together; there’s no better point of exchanging new information than you have it in the conference of ICCI.

Cogeneration Systems Sales Manager

We have been participating in the ICCI Fairs for long years. This year again I am serving in our stand here in this meeting of the energy sector in order to represent our company as a company existing and making developments in this sector. We are welcoming our guests in our stand this year again, as each year, meeting the representatives of the sector and trying to understand who will be the new investors this year and what the current values of the market are. What attracted our attention in the fair that started off yesterday was that there were a great number of foreign visitors. We had more visitors from especially the Middle East and Arab countries and again from different countries. We tried to welcome all of them in addition to our customers from Turkey. We will again be participating because this fair is the common meeting point for all those investing in the energy sector, making production and developing projects together with the synergy created, both in Turkey and in the surrounding countries.

President of Pakistan National Electric Power Regulatory Authority (NEPRA)

I was here as a keynote speaker, it was really wonderful to be here. It was very well-organized function and I managed to meet all the big manufacturers the OEMs one to one. I have yet to see assembly of all the energy stakeholders under one roof. Also, I happen interact with different panelists over discussing energy sector in Turkey. I really feel good and more knowledgeable after attending this conference.

Ahmet ELTEKİN / ISGEC Heavy Engineering Ltd.
Country Representive

Most messages given in the energy sector in Turkey have been originated in the ICCI fairs. This has become an important fair and conference for the important business people in the sector and for the government representatives. The organizations in this sector have become very professional and got even richer with the participation of the most important fair organizations of Europe. I hope that ICCI will grow even larger in the following years and develop further and remain as a main factor in the significant developments of the sector in Turkey. More importantly maybe it will become an energy conference center encompassing the Middle East region. I would like to thank ICCI for this especially both for the opportunities offered to us and also for its growth. I wish them success for the advantages and benefits they bring for the energy sector in Turkey.

Marianna Caputo, SPIG S.p.A.
Marketing & Communication Manager

ICCI is an effective business building opportunity and an ideal event to consolidate business relationships, exchange useful information, meet potential new customers and to maintain relationships with our existing clients. The exhibition offers us strategic exposure coupled with the possibility to enhance B&W SPIG reputation, by showcasing our latest cooling technologies. Moreover, 2017 event gave us the chance to communicate SPIG acquisition by U.S. - based Babcock & Wilcox, to the Turkish market.